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Planning an Exhibit Rental for an upcoming show was stressful even before Covid. How do you plan to handle it?

The moment your Trade Show starts your Exhibit Rental should be ready to go. More importantly, you should be, too. The reason you’re at the show is to do business and make money and for that to happen a lot of things have to fall into place. 

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

However, sometimes things don’t work out…

We understand trade show anxiety, especially now, and have figured out how to dial down the stress.  In addition to the new and expected Covid virus safety precautions, we know what you  want in an exhibit rental. 1. To know “What’s expected of me?” 2. Competence… a company that does what it says it’s going to do. 3. Confidence… that on the morning the show opens everything will be set and that you and your entire team will be in the right state of mind to welcome a crowd.

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5 Star Project Management System:

We’ve developed a Step-by-step Trade Show Exhibit Rental Management system over the course of 12 years that supports not only your team but ours as well. Things get done. We give you a 3-Step Checklist to help you stay on track with show orders. We make sure each team member does their job. Redundancy is built in. We plan around mishaps. We don’t overbook so that we can stay focused upon you and your success.

Trade show Exhibit Rental services in Las Vegas

What does 5-Star Mean?

1. We stay on schedule, 2. We let you know what you need to do and keep you on schedule, 3. We build in “Final Checklist” redundancy. 4. We have backup plans. 5. We create the conditions that will allow you and upper management to feel relaxed and ready at showtime.

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Strong management leads to happy results

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Island Exhibit Rentals Las Vegas

What next?

  • Step #1: Call or email us.
  • Step #2: We’ll figure out a trade show exhibit rental design based upon your booth space and budget.
  • Step #3: Leads to 3,4,5. We take the stress out of exhibiting!

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We’ve sold or rented exhibits to companies located in: Brazil, Canada, China, Guam, India, Italy, Japan and throughout Europe.


Clients include: Absolut Vodka, Alaska Air, Amazon.com, Behr Paint, British Air, Motorola, NASA, Pepsi, Twitch.tv and U.S. Departments of the Army, Homeland Security, and Interior.

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We're proud to have worked with:

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