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There are a lot of reasons to rent from P.O.P. Exhibits Inc.!

Maybe you’re a new exhibitor and want to test out different design ideas? Or maybe your company is growing rapidly and continuously requires larger spaces to fit your needs? Whatever the reason may be, renting your display is a fantastic option that we are happy to provide across the country.

Here are a few more reasons why renting might be the right choice for you:

It’s Good for the Environment!

  • Burn Less Fuel: Our inventory is stored in the major venues, reducing the use of fossil fuels and the harm burning them does to our environment.
  • Reduce Waste through maximum usage: Our rental inventory is flexible enough that the same parts get used many times over each year. Since transportation is reduced (that’s where most damage occurs), the damage is reduced. Meaning a component with 30 uses still looks comparable to one with 10.
  • Reduce Waste through refurbishment: Our counters consist of a steel frame with fabric and laminate finishes. We replace the exterior visible surfaces as necessary, keeping the inventory looking fresh while re-using the frames for many years.
  • Recycled Fabric Graphics: While our prices are based on standard fabric and lamda graphics, we do have fabric graphics made from recycled soda bottles as an option. This adds about 10% to your graphics cost.
More reasons to rent from P.O.P. Exhibits Inc.
  • Renting keeps your look fresh from show to show the way they do in Europe.
  • Makes it easy to change graphics and booth elements for different sized spaces
  • More environmentally friendly since rentals are reused from show to show and maintained so they look their best
  • Don’t have to worry about your booth getting worn out. We take responsibility of upkeep and making sure broken parts are replaced
  • Custom rentals are available in any size to fit any space
  • Graphics are re useable to save on cost if you decide to rent the same booth twice.
  • Save on shipping- we will ship the booth to and from the venue (drayage not included)
  • Save on time & labor- Our pros can set up the booths quickly and efficiently, generally before you even arrive at the show. No need to worry about how long you need to set it up yourself!
  • Save on storage- Storing a large, bulky trade show exhibit can be a hassle and paying to have it stored can be costly
  • Ability to do multiple shows at once in different venues
  • Save time and frustration- Trade shows can be confusing and frustrating. Our knowledgeable staff has been in the industry for many years and can help you with most questions and situations.
  • Good place to start for your first show to test the waters.

At P.O.P. Exhibits Inc., we value our clients. We’ll take care of you from beginning to the last day of your show.

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