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Case Study: James Group

Client: James Group

Show: Lightfair International – San Diego, CA April 2016

Our client the James Industry Group needed an impressive display to light up their 20 x 50 space at Lightfair International.  This 13’ x 26’ double deck with towers on either end accomplished just that. We do our best to tailor every booth we do to each of our clients. In this case, a large variety of LED lighting needed to be displayed throughout the booth. All this lighting required a lot of complex wiring and planning to pull off successfully. To make set up easier, team members from the James Group twice flew to our facility to plan and wire the lights before the show. This ultimately saved time and money by minimizing time spent by the show’s electricians. 

We were able to take advantage of the deck by attaching their lighting to the ceiling underneath the deck. So as not to blind everyone, we made the lighting controllable by remote so that each light could individually be turned on and off at the push of a button (cool!). Upstairs served primarily as a meeting and lounge area for the company's trade show team, who I’m sure enjoyed having a quiet place to work and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee.
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