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Case Study Vertical Magazine

P.O.P. Exhibits Inc.

Client: Vertical Magazine

Industry: Aviation/Helicopters

Business: Trade Magazine

Vertical Magazine Double-Deck Island Exhibit


Our client, Vertical Magazine, had been exhibiting at two shows a year in 10 x 20 and 20 x 20 island spaces.


For the 2015 Heli-Expo in Orlando, they wanted to make a larger, more impressive splash. Accordingly, they increased their budget with the thought that they would be able to afford a nice, single level island in their expanded 20 x 30 space. From the beginning, however, we thought a Double Deck Exhibit would be the perfect solution for them if we could make it work financially.



Height: It’s a helicopter show and they wanted to be visible around the convention hall.

Graphics: They are a magazine used to working with graphics and a cool graphic presentation was extremely important to them.

Storage: They hand out a ton of magazines during a show and had always been cramped for space.

Magazine display: They needed a classy way to display (5) different magazine facings

White theme: Lounge area to entertain with seating, refrigerator and coffee.



We came up with the following:

  • A 9’ x 17’ Double Deck that fit nicely into their 20 x 30 space. It provided them with plenty of open air in front for their reception counters and magazine displays while at the same time presenting a commanding presence.
  • We created a custom sized walk-in storage room for their magazines, etc.
  • We added a hanging overhead sign with a printed bottom graphic. This element alone was very cool because the image was of a soldier dropping out of a helicopter.
  • To fulfill their desire for a white appearance, we custom ordered items not in our normal rental inventory, including white furniture & carpet.
  • Magazine displays: We searched far and wide and found the perfect displays. We custom ordered (5) black stands with adjustable shelving and wheels.

End Result

The client called from the floor after arriving for the first time and said “It’s like getting the Christmas present you always wanted! I love it. You guys nailed it.”


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