Rental Exhibit Kit X-156

$11,970 with full graphics package

Available in Anaheim, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Orlando, San Francisco. In other cities, including Chicago, a different price may apply.

This exhibit rental is only $11,970 including the graphics as shown. 

2-Locking counters with storage and 2 backwall counters with optional lit bases!

Ask us about adding an overhead sign. 

Kit Includes:

  • (2) 7′ Counters with locking storage
  • (2) 4′ Additional backwall counters with optional lighted bases. 
  • Clamp-on lights
  • (2) Connected 8′ dividing walls


Accessory Options:

  • 26” or 42” LCD monitor
  • LCD or plasma mount
  • 6” slatwall straight hooks
  • 24” wide glass slatwall shelves
  • Additional counters
  • Counter height stools
  • Literature shelves
  • Laptop shelves
  • Additional clamp-on lights
  • Tables & chairs
  • 20 x 20 carpet & pad

See accessory page for details & pricing!

What’s Included With Your Exhibit Rental?

  • Shipping to and from the show
  • Installation
  • Dismantling

Not Included:

  • Drayage (Material handling)
  • Electrical services
  • Daily cleaning

Renting is good for the environment.
See why here.

You can help the environment even more by printing on Recycled Fabric Graphics

While our prices are based on standard fabric and lamda graphics, we do have fabric graphics made from recycled soda bottles as an option. This ads about 10% to your graphics cost.

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Trade shows are an exciting and proactive way to display your business and put your name out there to curious, potential customers. However, you are attending every show with numerous other businesses with the same goals. The key to standing out from the rest and winning the trade show conference game is to invest in a trade show exhibit rental that will stand out from the crowd.

Appeal to the Crowd

Your trade show exhibit rental needs to be decorated and designed with the specific trade show theme and audience in mind. During conferences and trade shows, you need to consider how attendees will be consuming your content—often, they are walking around with a phone in-hand. Design your trade show exhibit rental in such a way that they’ll want to stop and snap a photo; make sure your social media handles are visible so that you can be easily tagged and followed.

Create Valuable Content

You want to be remembered after the trade show is over; that means you need to avoid generic promotion and find a way to stand out in the attendees’ minds. Think about the information that will be useful to them; it’s better to give them something they’ll remember that’s tangentially related to your business than to give them your business model and have them forget you the moment they walk away from your booth.

Keep in Touch

It’s not enough to only prepare your social media for the weeks before and after the trade show—keep posting throughout the year, sharing relevant and interesting photos, and using industry-related hashtags. If you are consistently on attendees’ minds, then they’ll make an effort to stop by your trade show exhibit rental during the conference.

Final Word

Selling your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure that you consider the trade show or conference an event that you can win, and do everything in your power to stand out from the crowd. When you’re ready to begin preparing a trade show exhibit rental that will catch attendees’ eyes, visit our site at

Trade Show Mistakes - P.O.P. Exhibits can help Impress with the Best!

You should always do your homework before a trade show regardless of how many you’ve attended in the past. Unexpected events happen so it’s important to come prepared and to consider back up plans.


Trade show mistakes can range from a lack of goals to cluttered graphics, events that have no purpose, or trade show booths that don’t draw in potential clients.


Set Goals and Plan How to Achieve Them

One big trade show mistake is going without a plan or any set of goals. You don’t want to feel like you wasted valuable time and money, so know what your business can get out of this weekend before you arrive.


If you want to have a great trade show experience, you need to define what it is you want to get out of it. Is the goal to close business or draw leads for after show follow-up? Make sure your goal is achievable, and then detail what you need to do to ensure that you complete them. If it is your first trade show, maybe you just want to learn more about how other go about marketing their products/services. Bring a camera, notebook and pen so you can write down/photograph the trade show booths you think were most effective so you can emulate them at your next show.


Your Graphics Should Pull In Customers

Imagine you are a visitor walking into a trade show—what would catch your eye and would emote professionalism to you? You don’t want your design to appear cluttered, messy, or unprofessional. Boldly presented ideas work. You’ll be amazed at the poor quality of graphic design throughout the hall. Don’t go cheap when it comes to paying for design help. Sometimes less is more. Less copy usually means more readability when it comes to logos and signage because fonts can be larger.



Visit the other trade show booths, talk to other presenters, and take notes on what you loved and hated about their trade show booths. The best way to learn is through experience, and walking around is a huge part of the trade show experience.


Final Word

Be present. Walk among various trade show booths and take notice. Trade shows are not only a great way to sell your product, but they’re also a great way to learn and improve upon your own product. Get the most from a trade show and then visit to ensure that you are creating a most engaging design and display for your next trade show booth.


Trade Show Mistakes - The experts at P.O.P. Exhibits can help you make the difference

If you want to have a successful trade show experience it’s important that you understand trade show marketing. It’s not that complicated. To have a successful trade show, you want to be sure you are seen amidst the massive number of exhibits around you. One way of doing this that has become more popular over the last few years is to invest in a Double Deck Exhibit. You’ll stand above the crowd and your booth will be visible from aisles away on the convention floor.


Becoming a Part of the Solution

Show visitors are coming to trade shows because they want to find ways to make their businesses more successful. Your job is to find your target demographic and present to them the perfect solution to their problem (or present them with a solution to a problem they didn’t know they had). Selling is all about identifying customers’ needs and explaining how you can solve them.


Trade Show Double Deck Exhibits Provide Visibility

Stand out and be different. Plan your exhibit’s graphic scheme, how you will present yourselves at the exhibit, and go as big as you can afford. When attendees are walking through the trade show, you want their attention. Draw their eye with bright colors, creative designs, and an outstanding display. With a double deck exhibit you know they’ll see you and you can put your company’s name and logo up high for all to see.


Final Word

Bring the right people to your show. Once you attract potential customers into your booth, you need charismatic people working the show to actually sell your product. To begin designing your booth, visit our website: Let’s help you market!