Consider This Catchy Idea Prior to your Press Release

Posted on: December 7, 2016

Offer a sneak peek
Does your company distribute proprietary research or other important news on a regular basis? Then you might want to consider this idea presented by Amanda Subler of the Content Marketing Institute. “It is great that CMI’s research is cited all year long, but we want more buzz on the day we release our research. We want people writing and posting about the research that day – increasing the probability that more people will see it – beyond the regular CMI blog readers. But with something like a detailed research report, people need a few days to dive into it, process it, and come up with their own analysis or story idea. If they don’t see the research until the public-release day, the chance of journalists writing about it goes way down because if they take time to analyze the research, it becomes an “old” story. They would much rather write a thoughtful and timely piece that is ready to go the day we release the research publicly.
That’s why we started offering an early sneak peek to influencers, journalists, and friends of CMI. Not only does it help increase the probability they’ll have a blog post or story ready to launch the day the report is released, it’s also a nice gesture to offer our influencer and blogger friends who are regular supporters of CMI.” Read the full Offer A Sneak Peek.