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Custom Multilevel Exhibits

Sales & Rentals

Why Choose P.O.P. Exhibits Inc.?

We began doing Multilevel Exhibits long before most U.S. Exhibit Houses and, in fact, have helped lead the way in bringing prices down to an affordable range. Innovation is a mindset and our goal is crystal clear. To lead and be the best.

Our first Multilevel Display project was in Anaheim. In the meantime, we’ve installed decks throughout California, Seattle, Las Vegas, Texas, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Chicago, and other venues (like Germany!)

Our decks are designed to install quickly. Less I & D labor saves you money when you purchase. It’s also a reason why our rental pricing is so competitive.

  • Multi-level exhibit for Bar & Nightclub show

    Multi-level exhibit for Bar & Nightclub show

  • Vertical Magazines 2018 Rebrand

    Vertical Magazines 2018 Rebrand

  • Multi-story exhibit for E-3 and PAX Shows Multi-story exhibit for E-3 and PAX Shows

  • Circular Double Deck for BEHR Paint

    Circular Double Deck for BEHR Paint

  • Cool Multi-level exhibit design

    Cool Multi-level exhibit design

  • PGA Merchandise Show Multi-Level booth

    PGA Merchandise Show Multi-Level booth

We’re proud to have worked with:

British Airways
U. S. Army
All of our Double Deck projects are different. Click on one of our case studies to take a closer look at the process.

Examples of Previous Double Deck Projects

Beautiful circular multi-story booth for BEHR Paint/Home Depot

One of many booths for Absolut Vodka for Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas

Our very first multi-story project in 2007

PGA Merchandising Show – Multi-level booth designed to introduce golf carts for a company based in S. Korea.

We offer really fabulous exhibit design services. This double deck includes large screen, “shouter” tables, raised platforms and video game centers and more.

Our rental program is second to none on a national basis and even beyond. We’ve even done a rentals in Singapore and Germany and serviced clients from all over the world, including Brazil, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, Japan, China and N. Korea. 

We helped innovate affordable Double Deck Kit designs.

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