Double Deck Exhibits and their Widening Appeal

Posted on: December 7, 2016

Ten years ago if you walked into any major trade show and saw a Double Deck Exhibit you could safely bet that 1). It was owned by the exhibiting company and 2). The same company was in the top 10 percentile within the industry.


Much has changed in the meantime. Companies like P.O.P. Exhibits Inc, a Double Deck Exhibit seller a decade ago, now have nationwide rental programs. New systems have been developed and pricing has come down. Now, it’s possible for newer businesses looking to make a splash to afford to add that second story to their booth.


Many of the larger shows, like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), The National Hardware Show and SEMA (auto related) have become so popular that it’s hard for even established brands to secure larger booth spaces. The most logical, as well as affordable option if need more space is to add a second floor to your exhibit.


So, a shift is taking place and one reason for this is that new systems have been developed that assemble (install & dismantle) easier and faster. A deck size that used to take four guys two full 8 hour days to set up now takes 9-10 hours. That’s at least 24 fewer man hours and when you consider how many shows go up during weekends with overtime hours that equates to several thousands dollars in savings for the set up alone.


Rental pricing is another reason for the shift. Back in 2007 a really good purchase price on a double deck exhibit would have been $100,000.00 for a modest sized deck. Now, a turn key rental of the same deck is in the $30,000.00 range. For 30k, you can walk into a show, find that your booth is already set up (with graphics) and at the end of the show leave without worrying about shipping paperwork or storage fees between shows.


No wonder Double Deck Exhibits have become an appealing option for more and more exhibitors.