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Double Deck Exhibits

Sales & Rentals for Trade Shows

We began leading the way with Double Deck Exhibits eleven years ago and over that time have helped lead the way in lowering prices on these beautifully functional exhibits . We have very high standards for quality and customer care and yet maintain a price structure so competitive that we also get calls from other exhibit companies. 

What we'll do for you?
We take pride in doing what we say we're going to do. Most importantly, that means being show ready on time. A lot has to be done for that to happen and we'll help you in getting there, we'll be there to take calls, your designer will have access to ours and we'll invite you to meet with our set-up supervisor on the floor.
All of our Double Deck projects are different. Click on one of our case studies to take a closer look at the process.
Our Goal: To get you successfully through your first show with us and to maintain your business. We service most show venues in the U.S. including Anaheim, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Orlando.
Double deck exhibit projects can seen a little daunting. Whether you're an exhibit house looking for a little help or a first time client, our job is to assume the responsibility for making this happen so that you can concentrate on the many other details of your job.
What will a Double Deck Booth do for you?
To state the obvious, height. More efficient use of your booth space. Privacy. A conference, presentation or serving area. Visibility. A feeling, this is the intangible and perhaps the biggest benefit.
A lot has to be done to be show ready on time and we'll help you in getting there. We'll be there to take calls, your designer will have access to ours and we'll invite you to meet with our set-up supervisor on the floor.
We helped innovate affordable Double Deck Kit designs. Yet we also excel at the exceptional. This deck design for included many elements both seen and unseen. Our multilevel exhibits are designed to install quickly. Less I & D labor saves you money when you purchase. It’s also a reason why our rental pricing is so competitive in cities across the U.S.
Our first Double Deck Display project was in Anaheim in 2008. In the meantime, we’ve installed decks throughout California, Seattle, Las Vegas, Texas, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Chicago, and other venues (like Germany!) Let us help you with yours! 800-880-6498
Below are a few sample pre-designed deck sizes. For more designs and pricing information hit the "Go To Our 2-Story Pricing Page" link below.

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