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We’re proud to have worked with:

British Airways
U. S. Army

Custom Island Exhibit Rentals & Sales

Welcome to our Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rental page. In addition to the 20 x 20 rentals found in the menu, we also provide stunning custom booths of any size like those in the images below. We will work with your budget to design a booth that will fit your needs perfectly. Our track record is outstanding. Give us a call and we’ll help you every step of the way!

800-880-6498 🙂

"Thank you for your outstanding support!" U.S. Army 10/27/17

THE PURPOSE  of this page is to 1). Present you with an overview of our capabilities. That’s it. Whatever you need we can do it. For specific pricing information and designs, go to our 20 x 20 Exhibit Rentals page.


Below is a gallery of photos from some previous custom projects we have done. 


Some Of Our Previous Work

For Heli Expo 2018 Vertical Magazine rebranded and the results were quite eye-catching! 

Kahlua Midnight product introduction for Absolut.

Foam Expo 2017 in Novi, MI. The simplicity of this island design for INOAC belies the amount of thought that went into function, modularity, branding, product display and budget restrictions. It drew a heck of a crowd!

HIMMS Show 2017 in Orlando. This very customized island served many functions. 

It included a presentation area with seating, workstations, a conference area and colorful graphics.

What does "Custom Exhibit" really mean? Well, the meaning in the industry has changed over the years and covers a lot of ground. At the foundation of almost all exhibits are some kind of steel or aluminum extrusions.

What we mean at P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. by Custom Exhibit is that we’re quite willing to start from scratch. Check the designs on this page to see what we mean. Also, be sure and have a look at some Pre-Designed Exhibit Rentals & Pricing.

A 2-Story booth for the PGA Show at the Mandalay Bay to introduce new S. Korean made golf carts. 

We were way ahead of the curve in late 2007 when we designed this 2-Story Booth. presented a lot of challenges, not to mention shows spread from Boston to L.A. and Seattle. A hidden staffed production room kept the show going while visible “Shouters” in front entertained visitors. 

We’ve helped introduce multiple products for Absolut, including their “Wild Tea” and “Malibu Black”.

Malibu Black product into at Bar & Restaurant Show in Vegas.

NAMM Show in Anaheim for an Italian guitar company.

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