Maximize Exposure By Marketing Your Trade Show Booth

Posted on: April 19, 2017

Market your booth beyond the trade show floor

Obviously, the quality and content of your trade show booth are key for having a successful experience at any given trade show. If your booth is unique and well-designed – which it always will be with P.O.P. Exhibits on your side – then you’ll draw plenty of people, which can generate leads and business. But why limit marketing yourself and your business to just during the trade show? Take advantage of your beautiful booth as a marketing tool of its own and create a buzz both before and after the show as a means of generating more exposure and leveraging social media to connect with prospects, customers, and show attendees. Here are some quick tips for how you can best utilize your booth before, during, and after your trade show.

Smart marketing methods

  • Before the trade show: Use your booth to build some pre-show hype starting your social media marketing as early as two to four weeks before the show itself. You can do this by making use of the show’s official hashtags to both get an idea of the trends and promote your business with photos of your booth that highlight your company’s brand and create a teaser of sorts that will entice people to come by and check it out at the actual trade show. You may also consider creating a “teaser” video of sorts that shows the booth as well as what products or services your booth will provide at the show. All of this works to put you on attendees’ radar well before the trade show itself happens and increases the odds of having them stop at your booth because they’ll recognize it from your social media.
  • During the trade show: Your marketing during the trade show doesn’t have to be limited to the show floor either. Be sure to take plenty of photos and video of your booth during the show to share with people who aren’t at the show and let them feel like they’re a part of the action as well. Keeping active on social media helps bring the show to them and lets you reach an audience that may not have been able to make the show but are still interested in your company. Another good idea is to encourage enthusiastic visitors to your booth to take photos or videos of themselves at your booth and share it on social media. If they’re especially excited about your business’s product or service, you can probably get them to include a testimonial along with the picture.
  • After the trade show: Even once the show is over, you can still leverage photos and videos of your booth on social media for even more exposure. One method is compiling all the previous video footage or photos and editing them together to create a promotional video that puts your trade show booth front and center and then posting it to your social media channels as a summary of the whole show that captures all of the buzz and excitement of it. This keeps your trade show booth in the public eye and reminds people of their experience at it during the show. And even long after the show, you can link to the video on not just social media but everything from press releases and blog posts to emails and newsletters, giving it a nice long shelf-life that long outlives the trade show itself.

Final word
Even if your trade show booth is just a rental, you can still maximize its marketing potential long after the trade show has ended and it’s been returned. A well-designed booth can keep paying dividends in terms of exposure if you’re savvy about how you use it and don’t limit yourself to the physical trade show.

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