Renting from P.O.P. Exhibits Is the Best Choice for Your Next Tradeshow

Posted on: June 15, 2017

Save money, time, and labor and test drive your design by renting your exhibit from P.O.P. Exhibits! You'll Impress the rest with the Best!

Are you a small business preparing for an upcoming trade show, but you have yet to purchase your exhibit? Save money, time, and labor and test drive your design by renting your exhibit from P.O.P. Exhibits!

P.O.P. Exhibits provides you with the best deals on tradeshow rentals, offering custom rentals in any size to fit whatever space you have. We will take care of the labor and installation, so you can focus on what your small business needs.

Why Rent Instead of Own?

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to get your small business off the ground. Make sure your business has an exhibit that conveys a professional appearance by renting from P.O.P. Exhibits, where our professionals will ensure that your display looks fresh and engaging at every show. If you want to change your display or test run a new graphic, you won’t be stuck with the display you originally purchased. By renting, you have the chance to change up the design from one trade show to the next.

P.O.P. Exhibits offers ten-foot display rentals, twenty-foot display rentals, island kit rentals, and custom rentals, so once you begin to build your small business and find these trade shows to be increasingly successful, you can easily switch to a larger exhibit.

By renting from P.O.P. Exhibits, you will save valuable time and money on storage—instead of shipping your bulky exhibit to an expensive storage unit, we will take the exhibit back and you will have paid a flat rate for that day of renting rather than paying a large amount for the exhibit, the storage unit, and the shipping to and from the venue.

Final word

Renting from P.O.P. Exhibits will save you time, money, and energy. With a large variety of exhibit options at a third of the cost of owning, our professionals will show you why renting is your best option. Focus on your small business, and choose P.O.P. Exhibits for all your tradeshow needs. To learn more about why renting is your best option, visit our website:×20-trade-show-exhibit-rentals/benefits-of-renting/