Choosing the right technology to incorporate into your trade show exhibit space can be challenging. Everyone wants to appear to be on the leading edge of their industry or, at the very least, not far behind the leaders. You may, in fact, be interested in reading the article below on just this subject.

There are two things that came to my mind as I read it. First, it’s sometimes the simplest things that provide the biggest benefit when it comes to ROI. The author quotes research stats stating that 80% of exhibitors never followup on their leads. That’s an astounding figure but what’s amazing about it is that not much has changed over the two decades plus that P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. has been in business. There has been one article after another, one book after another, presenting a variable of the exact same information. What that means is that you can invest in an “event technology solutions architect”, as he suggests, to get help in figuring out the best way to spend your trade show resources, or you can direct your sales team to darn well follow up on their leads. That’s not to say that a solutions architect won’t be a good idea. But the biggest thing you can do in the short term is to followup on your leads.

Secondly, P.O.P. Exhibits Inc. is currently working on a double deck exhibit rental for one of our clients. They are a trade magazine and find it very important to hand out huge volumes of their magazine to show attendees. This is decidedly low-tech. However, after much discussion they deem it to be far a more effective for their particular product/service and advertising clients than on video walls or any of the other ideas mentioned in the article below.