Exhibit Rentals
Four Reasons to rent a booth.

Ok, you’ve worked through your cost analysis and decided that it makes sense for you to rent versus purchasing a trade show exhibit. Now what’s going to happen? That’s easy. You’re going to go through buyer’s remorse. You’re going to second guess your decision. “Am I making the right choice” and other negative self talk will run through your mind.


So, for when your mind starts doing a number on you, here are (4) more reasons as to why renting makes sense.


  • It’s possible you’ll have, overlapping shows, or shows that are so close together that logistics are worrisome. Knowing that your exhibit will be set up for you when you arrive in town can be worth more than money.
  • When you rent, look for a company that will arrange for the install and dismantle of your exhibit.
  • Storing a booth can be expensive and shipping it to a show and back can be a real hassle. When you rent, there are no shipping or storage expenses.
  • Show focuses can differ: When you rent your exhibit, you have the freedom to easily make changes from one show to another so as to appeal to a different audience.