Trade Show Tips

Posted on: July 28, 2017

Learn from the Experts with these Trade Show Tips - Impress the rest with the Best

A lot of businesses sign themselves up for a trade show thinking it will be a simple and easy way for them to meet potential clients, but if you aren’t prepared it can feel like a loss. That is why we have compiled some trade show tips that will help you make the most of your next trade show experience. With these trade show tips, you can arrive in style, feel professional, and put your business out there.


Trade Show Tip #1: Plan, Prepare, Produce

This trade show tip is our most important piece of advice: If you treat this trade show like a last-minute vacation, it will be as lucrative as a real vacation. Make sure to post on social media to promote your trade show appearance, train your staff so they know what it is you want to specifically promote, and be sure to conduct a post-show meeting with your staff: how do they think it went, what could be improved upon, what did they get out of the experience? This will not only help you feel prepared for the trade show, but it will also boost company morale because your employees will have an active voice in the overall experience.


Trade Show Tip #2: Define Your Goals

Every show will be a new and fresh opportunity to sell your business and product, which is why you should re-define your trade show goals with each new show. Be sure to define your message, know the problem you want to solve for the clients, come up with a list of tools and appliances you’ll need in order to sell your solution, and make sure your graphic clearly defines your solution for the potential client or customer.


Trade Show Tip #3

Be ready to talk. This trade show tip is extremely important because all of the planning and displays in the world won’t sell the product if you can’t speak knowledgeably to the customers who approach your booth. Rehearse and study your sales pitch, greet visitors, be open, and look approachable.


Final Line

Action steps: Plan, prepare, and practice. Dress appropriately, know your lines and pitch your product. During your planning process, make sure to visit P.O.P. Exhibit’s website at, and let’s find all of the graphics and displays you’ll need to make your trade show experiences successful!