What People Dread About Buying a Trade Show Exhibit

Posted on: December 7, 2016

Here they come. Just another marketing manager about to experience sticker shock.


You’re putting together your marketing budget for 2016 and have decided to start attending regional trade shows. You’re going to need a booth to hang your hat in. Get read for sticker shock. It’s common for first time buyers to be shocked by the price of even a 10 ft. portable exhibit. Exhibit manufacturing is a low volume, highly specialized operation.


What you can expect to pay.


A higher quality portable will cost between $20 to $150 per-square-foot, a leading modular exhibit between $55 up to $300 psf, and a custom from an accomplished custom house between $100 and $300 psf. The more customized the exhibit system, the closer the price will be to a custom exhibit.


To translate, for a 10′ x 10′ space a low end portable display will run between $2-5000., a mid-range exhibit between 5-10k, and a high end up to 15k or a little higher.